Essential surfactants for innovative solutions.


The new brand for all your surfactants.

With the introduction of the Tensidol® brand, you’ll have a clear overview of all surfactants, needed to optimise the production and development of your formulas.

From now on you’ll be able to select your products with ease, based on relevant properties such as: foam development, sensitivity to water hardness, pH-tolerance, chemical stability etc.

Furthermore, all Tensidol® products are carefully monitored and certified on sustainability and eco-friendliness, and, if applicable, provided with a quality label (Ecocert, Ecolabel, etc..). Aspects that no longer can be ignored in this modern society, focused on a sustainable future.

Please take a look at the Product Portfolio below, or contact us directly for more info.

Anionic surfactants

Surfactants with good cleansing properties, well suited for the removal of dirt and dust particles. Strongly foaming and solvable in water. The sensitivity to water hardness depends on the structure of the surfactant.


Non-ionic surfactants

Surfactants that are less sensitive to water hardness and usually better tolerated by the skin.

Well suited for the removal of organic, oily waste.


Amphoteric surfactants

When anionic and amphoteric surfactants are combined, a stabilising and foam increasing effect is obtained, which can improve skin tolerance. Amphoteric surfactants are often used to, for example, dampen the static
build-up in hair.

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